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"Hacking is the art of esoteric quests, of priceless and worthless secrets. Odd bits of raw data from smashed machinery of intelligence and slavery reassembled in a mosaic both hilarious in its absurdity, and frightening in it's power." Moza The Hacker


The Hacker Nations

Some hacking culture information: { lexicon }

These sets and subsets are also divided by skill and purpose. Some of the members will get bored fast and don't do much, others dedicate their lifestyle to the sole purpose of their passion.

Generations of hackers

    1. Generation One: 1970-79 { socially outcast and brilliant in effort & code }

    2. Generation Two: 1980-1988 { vastly overknowledged and frustrated at the lack of knowledge available }

    3. Generation Three: 1989-1995 { in the limelight of illegal pursuits, greater span of knowledge; lacking in certain skills of the first two generations }

    4. Generation Four: 1996-1998 { security conscious & ravenous for any information }

    5. Generation Five: 1999-Present { Those who store/edit or manipulate the information we see so as to shape or redefine the society to which it is expressed to.} The Most dangerous type!

With the internet being the society of information and not of culture, this next generation will be able to shape the entire world by their own means. Don't know about you, but that scares me!

Hacking as we know it had a beginning and it will have an ending. However; hacking as we understand it is a small form of a greater action - that being a rebellious manipulation of knowledge. Hacking in it's purest form has existed since humankind first learned how to create. And humankind first subverted its creation for its own purposes.


Welcome to the world of Hackers - Swordfish ( One of  the Best Hackers Film Ever Made ) - Moza The Hacker!


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